Chile: First miners back home

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The first miners from Chile are back home and have already left the hospital

The first miners who were buried in the San José mine for 69 days have been released from the clinic and are back with their families. A total of three rescued miners were able to leave the hospital and were transported out of the hospital in a minibus, as the Chilean newspaper "La Tercera" reports. Other miners can already leave the hospital today, as the local doctors report.

The 33 miners had survived the martyrdom underground almost unscathed. After the first tests, it was found that almost all of them are amazingly agile and fit. Only one miner has reportedly contracted pneumonia. According to initial reports, an almost dramatic situation had arisen underground. A miner reported after his rescue: "We were waiting for death. We disappeared, we were so thin". Until the first food arrived, the miners had to feed on two teaspoons of tuna a day. As a result, some have lost up to 15 kg. (sb, 10/16/2010)

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