Rheumatism increases heart attack risk

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Rheumatism increases the risk of heart attack. If rheumatism is recognized and treated early, patients also protect their hearts.

As reported by the German Society for Rheumatology, rheumatism also increases the risk of stroke and heart attack. Because with a rheumatic disease not only the joints ignite, but also the walls of the blood vessels. Rheumatism patients also more often suffer from calcification of the vessels.

People with rheumatism have an increased risk of heart attack. The risk increases by 30 to 60 percent. The risk of myocardial infarction adds up again when other factors such as high blood pressure, obesity, smoking or increased blood fat levels are added. As the Society for Rheumatology announced, it is imperative that rheumatism is treated early so that the heart is not stressed. Here, for example, anti-inflammatory medications of many rheumatism medications have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Around half a million people (440,000) suffer from rheumatism in Germany. At the planned congress, the company plans to discuss further effective measures against rheumatism and secondary diseases.

In many rheumatic diseases, the immune system is disturbed beforehand, whereby the human organism attacks its own structures such as the inner skin of the joint. The consequence of this is chronic inflammation of the joints, which is associated with severe pain for the patient. There is swelling, effusion of the joints and even destruction of the joints. Conventionally, rheumatism is treated with anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. Possibilities from naturopathy such as dandelions, nettles and birch leaves offer additional possibilities. (sb)

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