Allergy: Huge Ambrosia fields in Berlin

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Allergy: Huge Ambrosia fields discovered in Berlin.

(14.09.2010 In Berlin huge fields of the dangerous ambrosia plant were discovered. The health-endangering ambrosia is the strongest pollen allergen in the world and is therefore particularly feared by allergy sufferers. The spread of the plant in the city is much larger than previously thought .

The distribution of ambrosia was examined in Berlin. The result: the allergy plant has multiplied more than previously thought. So-called environmental scouts have made huge "mega pounds", as the climate expert and meteorologist at the Free University of Berlin, Thomas Dümmel, confirmed to the radio station "rbb-Inforadio". It had not previously been assumed that the ambrosia had spread in such an extreme form. So far, the experts had suspected that there would be a few thousand plants. But now it is assumed that hundreds of thousands to millions of ragweed plants have spread in the urban area. It is a special species that does not die in winter and is therefore much more difficult to combat.

The main focus is the east of Berlin. Here the ambrosia has multiplied, particularly in the districts of Treptow-Köpenick and Lichtenberg. The absolute greatest find was made by the environmental scouts at the Wuhlheide freight yard. There the ambrosia has already displaced the entire flora and fauna. Several hectares of ragweed plants were found there. Therefore, the Berlin Senate is asked to act immediately and quickly. Because the ragweed is the strongest allergy plant that exists in the world. Allergy sufferers who would otherwise have rest in the pollen-free months before the allergy episodes would have to suffer from the allergens of ragweed. Because the plant blooms when the allergy session is actually over. If Berlin does not get the problem under control, there will be a very big health problem for those affected.
From the end of July, the ambrosia, which is up to 1.50 meters in size, can trigger massive symptoms such as a constantly runny nose, shortness of breath, cough, asthma, eye swelling, headache and other hay fever symptoms into the winter. There has been an action program in Berlin since 2009 and "Ambrosia Scouts" are looking for Ambrosia plants as possible sources of danger. You wear a face mask and gloves. Because ragweed is not only dangerous for allergy sufferers, it can also trigger allergy. Citizens who have their own garden are asked to remove the ambrosia from their garden. The remains of the plant must be disposed of in normal household waste. You should also protect yourself adequately when removing the plants. Touching your bare hands can trigger a violent rash. (sb)

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