Many parents rely on anthroposophic medicine

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Many parents rely on anthroposophic medicine to treat children with cancer.

(07.09.2010) Anthroposophic medicine is very popular among parents of children with cancer. This was the result of a survey carried out by the Center for Integrative Children's Oncology at the community hospital in Herdecke. Anthroposophic medicine is a complementary medical direction that emerged from Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy.

According to the results of the survey, 18 percent of parents of children with cancer rely on conventional cancer therapy in conventional medicine as well as treatment approaches for anthroposophic medicines and their external uses. 16 percent of parents also use mistletoe preparations and three percent use eurythmy therapy. The recommendation rate is also very high, about 96 percent of parents who also use the treatment approaches of anthroposophic medicines would recommend the therapy to other parents and children. This puts the anthroposophical treatment approach in the hands of parents of children with cancer with 27 percent of complementary medical treatments. Classic homeopathy is in place.

What is anthroposophic medicine?
Anthroposophic medicine focuses on activating and strengthening the self-healing powers of patients. With the anthroposophical medical approach, specially manufactured mineral, herbal and animal medicines, art therapies, massage, eurythmy therapy, external healing applications, consultative and accompanying discussions as well as anthroposophically expanded nursing are pursued. Specific anthroposophic medicinal products are based on the principle that specially manufactured medicinal products from plant extracts and animal products can influence the interaction of human beings in a specific way. The anthroposophic medical drugs are often administered to patients in homeopathic doses.

There are numerous clinics, sanatoriums and hospital sub-departments in Germany that are anthroposophically oriented. One of them is the center for integrative children's oncology at the community hospital in Herdecke. (sb)

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