Health: Many wear unsuitable shoes

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Study: Most Germans are depressed. Many people do not wear the right shoe size and therefore have problems with their foot health.

(19.08.2010) The German Shoe Institute (DSI) warns: Only every fifth person wears suitable footwear. Scientists from the testing and research institute in Pirmasens and the clothing physiological institute in Hohenstein have now determined this as part of the "German Foot Report".

For three years, the researchers analyzed more than 10,000 feet in the morning, at noon and in the evening with a 3D scanner. The result is terrifying: More than 80 percent of Germans wear the wrong footwear. The shoes are too big in about two thirds of the cases and too small in about a third. In addition, women tend to buy their shoes one size smaller, whereas men often put on shoes that are too big, says study director Monika Richter.

Shoes that are too big as well as shoes that are too small are extremely disadvantageous for the health of the feet and, if worn over a longer period of time, can not only cause deformations and blood circulation problems in the feet, but also spinal and intervertebral disc problems. “If the shoe is too wide, the foot finds no hold and slips into the empty space in the shoe that is intended to roll off, the so-called encore. As a result, the toes are compressed with every step as if the shoe were too small. If the shoe is too long, it prevents the foot from rolling off, ”explained Norbert Becker, foot specialist at the University of Tübingen. According to the experts in the modern industrialized countries, around 60 percent suffer from foot problems, with corresponding negative consequences for health.

Compared to the results of the first foot report 44 years ago, there is hardly any change in shoe size. Men still wear size 42 most often, women 38-39. However, the width, volume and circumference of the feet have changed. "There is a shift to broader feet," said Monika Richter, which may be due to the fact that the Germans had become larger and fuller on average. (fp)

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