PKV: New regulations should make change easier

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PKV: New regulations should make change easier. Social compensation could be at risk.

(08/16/2010) Leaving the statutory health insurance once and returning to the statutory insurance has been a serious challenge so far. But the change in the direction of private health insurance (PKV) was often difficult. The Federal Government is therefore endeavoring to loosen up this system and to make it easier for insured persons to switch between private and statutory insurance.

So the planning of the government parties (CDU, CSU, FDP) z. B. before returning to the old rules when changing private health insurance. Instead of an income limit that has to reach a certain value on average over three years, insured persons should be able to switch insurance towards PKV in the future once this compulsory insurance limit is reached. Employees can therefore take advantage of this option as early as 2011 and switch to private health insurance if their monthly income is EUR 4162.50.

Easy change to private health insurance, social compensation at risk
Experts are expecting numerous changes in the direction of private health insurers due to the suggestions that are being considered, as they entice with particularly low rates and additional benefits. With the already tense financial situation of some statutory insurance companies, however, this poses a serious problem: Dwindling insured figures increase the risk of additional contributions being required, and these in turn increase the risk of dwindling insured numbers. A vicious circle that is likely to intensify in the course of the proposed changes.

The fact that private health insurance will not take everyone in, but primarily only healthy young people, also worsens the situation of statutory health insurance. Well-off healthy customers run away from you and return to the statutory insurance in case of doubt in old age. Because the return of private to statutory insurance should also be facilitated according to the plans of the federal government. So it is z. The aim is to abolish the three-year period when switching from self-employment to employment in order to facilitate the return from private insurance to statutory health insurance funds. So far, the costs for the public health system can hardly be estimated, but the tendency can be clearly seen: a considerable additional burden on the statutory health insurance companies. (fp)

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