Health insurance: overweight people should pay more?

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CDU politicians demand: overweight people should pay more for health insurance.

(22.07.2010) The CDU member of the Bundestag Marco Wanderwitz demands: Obese people should pay higher health insurance contributions. A summer slump topic of a member of the Bundestag or a position capable of consensus within the CDU parliamentary group? The politician sees his opinion confirmed by a new study on the health system.

Aptly placed in the Bild newspaper, CDU MP Wanderwitz said Thursday: "The question must be asked whether the immense costs that arise, for example, from excessive consumption of food, can be permanently paid out of the system of solidarity." According to Wanderwitz, overweight people should also pay more into the health care system. For example, "consciously unhealthy people" should also "bear their own financial responsibility".

According to "Bild" Marco Wanderwitz sees his position confirmed by the "Jacobs University" in Bremen. A majority in Germany is for higher health insurance contributions if people lead an unhealthy lifestyle. The study author Adele Diederich said that people are much more insightful and resilient than politicians would always assume, "the majority of the insured endorse higher co-payments for unhealthy behavior, Diedrich.

Such positions will hardly be able to assert themselves, since they violate the principle of equality in the Basic Law. Accordingly, people, based on their physical constitution, must not be discriminated against by higher contributions. The topic should rather be seen as a "summer break topic". (sb)

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