Homeopathy: No more cash benefits soon?

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Soon no health insurance benefits for homeopathy?

(07/12/2010) In order to be able to make savings, those responsible usually choose paths where as little resistance as possible can be expected. In the health system, homeopathy is now supposed to be on the brink. According to the CDU responsible for the health sector, Jens Spahn, homeopathic services and naturopathic treatments will no longer be included in the catalog of statutory health insurance companies. Spahn received support from his SPD counterpart Karl Lauterbach. Only the Greens disagree with the plans and refuse to take homeopathy out of the services of the statutory health insurers.

According to a report by the magazine "Der Spiegel", Lauterbach wants to fundamentally forbid all health insurers from providing homeopathy services in the future, although only a little over half of the health insurers pay for them anyway. Lauterbach is of the opinion that by taking over the homeopathic services, the health insurance funds of homeopathy would help to legitimize people, because "the patients believe that the health insurance funds only pay what demonstrably helps."

The issue of Spiegel 28/2010 is already devoted to homeopathy on the title page. "Homeopathy: The Great Illusion," it says there. And in the article "Health insurance companies should save homeopathy", in addition to Lauterbach's statements, it is pointed out that homeopathy has meanwhile become a billion dollar business.

It is questionable whether anything will change if Spahn and Lauterbach do what they want. Because only half of the health insurers have paid the costs so far and the globules are not particularly expensive, no major savings can be expected here. A kind of "nobility of homeopathy" described by Lauterbach, as described by the portal "Topics of the Time" in his article "Homeopathy and Politics", should not be a decision criterion, since people only buy funds that help and not vice versa .

In his blog H.Blog: Homeopathy & Research, the author and publicist Claus G. Fritzsche points out that the public presentation of the scientific situation to demonstrate homeopathy is very ideological.

The legal and political scientist and since 2005 chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group in the health committee, Jens Spahn, further pointed out that the tariffs for naturopathy had been introduced under the red-green federal government and he would now like to reverse them. Spahn has long announced that more "reforms" and savings in the healthcare system are needed. For him, this includes, among other things, a further increase in the additional contributions than has now been decided by the coalition.

Critics, not only from the field of naturopathy, point out that the savings in the field of naturopathy are rather small. The recently appointed head of the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG), Dr. Jürgen Windeler, publicly complained in mid-June that many medicines were ineffective. According to a pharmaceutical report from the health insurance company Barmer GEK, the proportion of new drugs without additional benefits is around 40 percent. (tf)

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