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Pro General Manager Peter Schmidt was fired with immediate effect.

(06/12/2010) As the generics association announced, the managing director Peter Schmidt was dismissed with immediate effect. Peter Schmidt announced shortly before the dismissal in the "Handelsblatt" that pro generics would accept the proposed discount contracts. The resistance to the discount contracts would have been abandoned.

With the immediate dismissal of Schmidt, the association now contradicted this representation of Schmidt. Until the appointment of a new managing director, the director of the pharmaceutical company "Stada", Anne Demberg, takes over the provisional management of the Pro Generika Association. Demberg was previously deputy association leader until 2009. The association's board had publicly stated that it "explicitly contradicted the published statement that pro generics had changed its stance on discount contracts and active substance tenders issued by health insurance companies". There is no changed strategy for pro generics. Pro Generika e.V. is a pharmaceutical lobby association of a total of 17 generics manufacturers in Germany.

The stance remains that "active ingredient tenders are not suitable for sustainably strengthening competition in the generics market and guaranteeing long-term savings for the healthcare system," argued the association's board. Rather, they want to work towards ensuring that the legislature does not continue to pursue drug tenders.

The grand coalition had introduced discount contracts that should help cut costs. With these discount contracts, a health insurance company concludes a contract with a pharmaceutical manufacturer and undertakes to reimburse the insured only for the costs of the medication of that manufacturer. In return, the health insurance company receives a discount on the pharmaceuticals from the phramafa. The association "Pro Generika" had always spoken out against such discount contracts.

As a result, the former head of the association sparked a scandal at the beginning of May this year. Former editor-in-chief of the satirical magazine "Titanic", Martin Sonneborn, had interviewed the association's managing director for the comedy magazine "heute-show". Schmidt was lured by Sonneborn that the interview would be conducted for ZDF. You want to use the interview "if possible" in the "today" news program or in the "today-journal". During the interview, Sonneborn pointed out that Schmidt should not use some formulations. However, those statements that were not intended for the public were broadcast on the satire program and subsequently caused outrage. Sonneborn also suggested that he wanted to help the head of the association present a positive picture of the pharmaceutical lobby.

Peter Schmidt has been working for "Pro Generika" since the establishment of the lobby association and was appointed managing director in 2008. Before that, Schmidt was a speaker in the SPD's Health and Social Security Working Group in the Bundestag. A personal statement from Peter Schmidt is currently not available. (sb)

Excursus: What does generic mean? Generics are drugs that have the same active ingredient as drugs that have already been manufactured by large pharmaceutical companies. Generics is therefore a copy of an existing medication with the same active ingredient. Generics are usually cheaper than the drugs that are manufactured under a brand name.

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