Passive smoking increases the risk of diabetes

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Not only smoking but also passive smoking increases the risk of type II diabetes.

(May 30, 2010) As the German Diabetes Center in Düsseldorf reports, passive smoking also increases the risk of developing type II diabetes. So far it has only been scientifically known that active smoking increases the risk of diabetes. However, on the basis of a joint study by the Diabteszentrum in Düsseldorf and the Helmholtz Zentrum in Munich, in which 1,351 test subjects participated, it could be demonstrated for the first time that passive smokers are also exposed to an increased health risk.

In the "Kora study", oral sugar exposure tests were carried out on the subjects between 1999 and 2001. The procedure for examining the sugar load is called the OGTT procedure and is considered a standard test for the diagnosis of diabetes. During the course of the study, none of the participants aged 55 to 74 years had type II diabetes. After about 7 years, a large part of the subjects (887) were examined again. The result was shocking: active smokers were known to be at high risk of developing type II diabetes. But also passive smokers who were exposed to cigarette smoke either at home or at work were twice as likely to have diabetes than the study participants who were also not passively exposed to the blue haze.

In a further analysis, the researchers only included the "prediabetics" identified in the basic examination. Prediabetes is an incipient metabolic disorder characterized by insulin resistance and impaired glucose tolerance. In these subjects, the risk of diabetes from active and passive smoking was again significantly higher than in the entire study group. The further results of the study will be published in the "European Journal of Epidemiology". (sb)

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