Shamanic exercises for modern man

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Shamanic exercises for modern man

Since the 1960s traditional shamanic practices have been reinterpreted in the western context and implemented in psychotherapeutic, medical and spiritual practice. Numerous alternative treatment methods take shamanic concepts as a model, as well as the following everyday practical exercises for “meaningful destruction”, which can advance one's own development and are ideal for trying out.

Nature as a (shamanic) model for healthy development In order for the new to develop, the old must be abandoned. In the cycle of nature, destruction and creation alternate continually, which becomes particularly clear in the course of the seasons: the leaf of a tree, full and lively in summer, changes its color appearance in autumn dying, falls to the ground, offers shelter and dormant little winter sleepers becomes food for microorganisms in spring. And only when the spring sun has driven away snow and ice can new germs sprout. Every season gives way to the next and there is always destruction in the change so that new life can come.

“Die and become” In the traditions of shamanic initiation rites from different cultures there are numerous practices in which the “apprentice” experiences his or her own “annihilation” by bringing about near-death experiences or the aspirant being completely physically (and quite brutally) dismantled in a vision. The aim is to completely destroy the old worldview so that a new one can develop. In the same way, an annual fasting cure should not only lead to a clearing of the body due to the loss of substance, but also to a renewal of the attitude to life. The healing poet Goethe also referred to the physical and psychological development of man when he wrote: “If you don't have that, this: Die and become! Are you just a dreary guest on the dark earth. "

The exercises: Check, sort, say goodbye. Somewhat less dramatically than the earlier shamans, we can ring in changes by starting to make space for new things on the everyday practical level: If life stagnates, dissatisfaction or boredom plagues you, you can Prepare for change by examining what already exists and, if appropriate, adopting it. This can affect material possessions, beliefs, habits, and relationships. Since humor and the ability to laugh at oneself play an important role in shamanic practitioners, the following exercises should also be experimented with in a playful way:

Exercise 1: check your material possessions. Start with your wardrobe and sort out what you don't wear (anymore). Inwardly, say goodbye to the clothes and appreciate the times you have been in them. Repeat the process a few times until the inventory has visibly reduced. Then take on other areas, e.g. Apartment inventory, garage, basement, attic, etc.

Exercise 2: check your Beliefs and attitude to various topics, e.g. about yourself, your genders, money, work, love or sexuality. Enter your views in a two-column table on the left and the contrary statement on the right. So if your (soon) outdated belief is “I can't cook”, then write next to it: “I can cook superbly and prepare excellent dishes”, etc. You can easily exaggerate in order to convince yourself of the new skills that will soon come true. After that, you just burn the list.

Exercise 3: Watch yourself and make a list of yours Habits from the order of the morning toilet to the different meals, routes, means of transport and your way of working. Recognize and review your habits. Weigh up which alternatives you want to try and use the new behaviors on a trial basis. Perhaps you will experience something surprising based on the motto: "If you want what you have never had, then do what you have never done!"

Exercise 4: Make a list of your friends and acquaintances. Check every single one of the Relationships on whether you want to continue or would actually like to end it. Sometimes we just feel obliged or are used to maintaining certain contacts. Some people give us strength, while others “drain” us energetically. Close your eyes, perceive the feeling you have about the person in question or visualize the relationship as light that either shines brightly or appears as an inconspicuous little flame. When in doubt, make a list of the pros and cons of the relationship. Who would you like to negotiate with to change the relationship? Where would it be better to loosen up or even break off contact? This exercise is difficult and each decision should be carefully considered. (Dipl.Päd. Jeanette Viñals Stein, alternative practitioner, 07.02.2010)

Jose and Lena Stevens:
"To the Source of Power-Shamanic Techniques for Today's Life";
Verlag Hermann Bauer KG 1994

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